Ganapathi- The Lord Of Intelligence

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Ganesha, the long eared elephant head GOD is known and worshipped to remove obstacles in everyone’s life. He the light of Shiva and Power of Parvathi. He is the knowledge, the intelligence, the illumination.

The traditionally celebrated festival, the rituals from Installation of the Ganesha Idol to the Immersion in water has lot of pomp and grandeur in many parts of India. Many rituals, festivals were born with a lot more deeper meaning than many of us must have ever thought of. This festival is one among those.

On this auspicious occasion, let us not forget what we are adoring, what we are celebrating and why we are celebrating.

Sanity: Our prayers to God always say one thing and one thing only- to help us keep sane. Let us keep our focus and concentration on thinking good and doing good. #keepingsane
Remember where we have come from: We all are born from the dirt and we will all get absorbed into dirt. Just like Ganesha’s idol, idolizing the human life. So let us use #ecofriendly Ganesha for our prayers. Remembering where we all have come from. #Feetontheground.
Keep environment safe: Human being is supposed to be friendly with nature. Historically, man lived amid nature, trees, plants, rivers. They are all part of our life and it becomes our responsibility to keep the environment safe. So, no POP, chemical idols and immersions into water.#Keepenvironmentsafe. #Keepwaterclean.
Small is the new big: Whatever the size of the idol, your prayers are equally strong and loud to the Lord. So, don’t compete on getting the biggest Ganesha or the most pompous, decorative Ganesha. The simpler, the smaller, the better. And loudest will be your prayers and offerings.#modesty

Let us pass on the knowledge of keeping environment safe and let us all celebrate an eco friendly, purposeful, meaningful celebration of this festival. Let Ganesha be happy and hear all our prayers. #knowledgeisGanesha
If you like to read more on why we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and its significance, please read:

#GaneshChaturthi2017 #VinayakaChavithi2017

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