Why Malala is so special in every girl’s life and heart

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The huge auditorium – Moda center was full. The lines turned and twisted outside in the security line, waiting for the moment to see and hear the voice of the young nobel peace prize recipient Malala. Many that came were families with young kids, and there were many girls of all ages including preschoolers. Kudos to those parents that knew the importance of showing humble, serene yet brave young Malala to their kids and who found inspiration in her.

There was a huge applause welcoming her. She walked in a modest, traditional outfit in which she looked adorable; peace reflecting and radiating from her to the audience. She is an inspiration, she is a girl, she is brave, she is humble, she fought for her life, she fought for the world’s women’s lives. Who wouldn’t love her? So, everyone, including the kids cheered for her, welcomed her with a broad smile on their faces. The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

She talked about the bullets that rifled through her body. But, there was no sorrow. There was strength in her tone. She said, the people that fired bullets at her did her a huge favor, the gave her the strength of the world. She is a much more stronger person now, and that she is not going to stop until her wish of having every girl child get education.

At the age of 19, she has high aspirations and dreams. She passionately encouraged everyone to find their voices and believe in their voice. She said, the use of social media needs to be done purposefully, “you can post a selfie every once in awhile,” she smiled as she said.

Malala shared about Syrian refugee girls, how they are still suffering for lack of basic needs. She shared that she called the world leaders to invest in education and her meeting with the first lady Michelle Obama and the President. She believes, education is the solution for many issues and that it has to be the top priority in the world among all leaders and the people. She shared a story, she believed in; that God decided to let the mother give birth to a baby because he did not trust man, and that the women are stronger than men.

She covered wide ranging topics in her Q&A advocating for education, encouraging young kids to contribute and help grow Malalafund and politics. It was an evening that instilled inspiration, encouragement and reminded the purpose to serve for the girls education and become a part of better future for this world!!

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