Why I think my debut fiction is a success!!

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My first work of fiction #fortunefair was born out of love and aspiration. Love for writing, Love for bringing change, Love for being a catalyst to inspire, motivate, even if it was one person or a one hundred people. Just having a dream, aspiration and love alone is not sufficient, it has to take action and result in some outcome that you are happy about. And that action took form of the book, I self-published in 2017 and the readers whoever read the book and wrote reviews are all happy to have read the book. That itself is a success for the author that wanted to put a message out, fulfill her thirst of writing and bring joy to the reader.

Was I new to writing?

Yes, totally!! Have never written a book(but love was always there, love for storytelling was always there). I learned the techniques of writing through several other blogs, online course, and books on writing doing a full time job as a Technical Program Manager.

I never measured success of the work by the number of copies that are sold. Or the money this book has brought to me. This book has given me strength to write more and continue what is most joyful for me.

Measuring success through commercial means will never bring fulfillment for any type of work. When you want to do something, go ahead, with a positive mindset, hope and confidence and the result is sure to be rewarding!! If nothing else, it will enable you to learn a new skill or enhance an existing skill. Human being is an endless learner and has to be!!

Happy Writing and Happy Reading:-)

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Writing is what I do for the love of it. The passion for writing has always been there with me but discovering it happened later. One famous poet rightly said: "A word is mightier than a sword." And I am a firm believer of that saying. Through words, a writer can inspire, motivate, and take the reader to a different world. My first work of fiction #fortunefair is available on Amazon.

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