Gadgets, Gadgets everywhere!!

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While Dr.Seuss wrote books with ONE Fish, TWO Fish, RED Fish, BLUE Fish; our present generation kids are learning; ONE iphone, TWO ipads, RED computer, BLUE headset . The electronica has changed the world considerably; both good and bad. But bad outnumbered the good unless used wisely. With smaller families now and less time for the kids to spend with grandparents or cousins or relatives; the kids in the US are now relying heavily on the gadgets for their entertainment; regardless of their age. The family meals times have shrunk considerably; and since many Indians worked in IT; the ever demanding tight schedules added stress to their lives. The easy stress busters for them were to read online news or watch a game or movie after coming home(again using one of these gadgets!!) and kids took equal competition and raced against their parents.

Many parents in the US appreciated facebook, whatsapp, twitter because they are the connectors for the distance their lives brought them from family and friends back home. In other words, it has become a survival tonic.The facebook has become morning coffee, there are many that hold the phones first thing in the morning even before getting off the bed to read or post. For many, it brought smiles and news, gave them positivity through some healthy quotes of life that they subscribe to. Yet, they experience the emptiness, the lack of positivity and the lack of real smile. If they could ever replace the real connections; why was there emptiness? On one side, we have a group of people that use the social networking sites to socialize and get connected to people separated by distance; other group of people get disconnected to close people, sitting just right by their side yet they get engrossed in the social networking sites. They forget to talk with real people and feel their real selves. The face to face time was considerably lost among people that became addicted to their phones or computers.

The parents were taught in several occasions, during school nights, by pediatricians, in magazine articles; ‘leading by example’ is the best way to teach kids. If leading by example is indeed followed and believed as the right approach, our example would have been different. We could have done things differently, trying to give them examples and show the times we carried during the good old days. Pretend play in the nature; building sand castles and eating the healthy home made meal; unfortunately now considered the weird or odd ways.

If the parents are inundated by the number of choices they have right from baby diapers to college majors; one can expect how many choices the kids would have growing up. If the parent is unable to make the right choices and lead them with the right examples; one cannot expect wonders from the children either. For a moment if we think what less or harm it does when we cut back on our TV/phone/computer time a little bit and add that time to spending with kids/family or even just having a tiny conversation over a cup of coffee and a smile; we would possibly be able to guide our children especially teenagers toward the right path. For the fortunate kids that are living close to grandparents; it is even a double bonus because they can give undivided time and fabulous love. If you are surrounded by family and friends almost always; feel lucky and make best use of the precious moments.

Man was created from nature and was close friends with nature centuries ago. Now, we are moving away from nature and in the name of technology; we are also moving away from reality, relationship. This is not to advise people to fold hands and sit in one corner and not use the smart ways that technology brought to our feet. The wise way is to find the right balance and take simple measures of limiting the use; educating the kids to use the comfort within the zone and also monitoring their screen time. Let’s stay connected with the rest of the world with the right use of technology and keep our future generations exuberant !!


Writing is what I do for the love of it. The passion for writing has always been there with me but discovering it happened later. One famous poet rightly said: "A word is mightier than a sword." And I am a firm believer of that saying. Through words, a writer can inspire, motivate, and take the reader to a different world. My first work of fiction #fortunefair is available on Amazon.

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  1. I totally go for that..I was reading some of your post , you write beautifully Sadhna… Good work , keep it up..
    I know technology has it pros yes but today people are just about gadgets, i also have my own set of phone and laptop but then i make it a point if i am with family and friends, i am not on phone or laptop. Laptop should be with me for work and phone only in my free time.. I think everyone should have some sought of discipline in their gadgets habits.. I think it can help people to connect with real people more rather then virtually..

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