Mommy- Does the God exist?

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A little girl sat in a temple with her parents while the priest did the chanting of the mantras and making offerings to the God. She sat silently observing her parents and also the priest ringing the bell, offering flowers, prasad. Her parents are immersed in the tune of the chants and they closed their eyes, hands folded in prayer. After they finished their temple pooja when they walked home, she asked her mother:

“Does the God Exist?”

“Yes, of course, baby,” mother replied.

“Then why so many deaths occur every day?”

“Humans are not meant to live forever dear.”

“I don’t understand.” said the girl.

Her mother looked at her and said, you will understand as you grow older. She did not reply to that little girl because she could not. She did not know an easy way to respond to her daughter. She was confused.

Every parent just like the mother in this tiny story intends to give the best to their children, including responding to a question. We as parents, cannot allow ourselves to say, “I don’t know.” We kind of get sucked into thinking that we know everything even though we cannot convince a small child with an answer.

So, the GOD does exist, right? How can we prove or convince a child’s mind?

  • This very existential creation we live in is built by the supreme God. God gave the creation to the mankind and said, live, enjoy, cherish and pass on…….Yes, pass on to our dear and near younger generations. This creation itself is the proof. So, please take good care of this creation.
  • God never said he will make humans immortal. When time comes, everyone has to die, and the time is determined by their own Karma. Karma is nothing but the action. A good action leads to good Karma and a bad action to bad Karma. So, choose your actions carefully.
  • It is not just action alone- the seed of a fruitful action lies in the thought. The thought has to be pure and lead to a pure, good, selfless action. That is how a good karma is built. If a person does good actions but never thinks the same in his mind and thoughts, the result will still be a bad action. So, choose your thoughts carefully, as this will lead to actions.
  • Just like science mentioned, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So, any bad action you do will come back to you in one form or the other, some day or the other. So, choose your thoughts and actions carefully, you are the sole responsibility of your life; make the right decision to mend or bend your thoughts and actions.
  • A human brain and heart have the capability of becoming God and as a matter of fact God wanted all humans to be him, stay close, connected to him. Unfortunately, the humans have transgressed backward very far away from him. Hence we as humans find it hard to believe that God exists in us and he is everywhere. Any action that leads to good is Godly which means God does exist in us and we have to make sure 100% of our actions are Godly, so we can become like Him. Choose the right way of living and get closer to the supreme power.

This is what God tried to teach the humankind, His only job was the creation, to keep the creation is the duty of the human kind. We pray God to earn his blessings, to find peace and to find a way in life by gaining the positive strength from him to foster good thoughts and actions in us.

So, the little girl asked the right question, and now you know the right answer too..!!

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