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What you need to know as first time blogger.

As a first time blogger, you may be wondering about many questions and they creep you out as it is very hard to find a solid and concrete answer even if you have used google search.

Even with many such articles that help you with a ton of information on setting up a blog to writing your posts, the below nine questions seem to be the top ones and the most difficult ones for a newbie. Here is an attempt in this post to answer those nine questions, hoping to help new bloggers.

Who needs to keep a blog

The common answer is anyone and everyone that want to showcase their skills and work in any industry. Most important for writers- all kinds- technical, proposal, fiction, non-fiction.

Why do I need a blog?

  • To keep your readers/audience engaged.
  • To showcase your skills/talent.
  • To establish a brand name as an author/entrepreneur.
  • To connect with your audience.

What do I write: This seems to be the most difficult question for all areas of bloggers. But, fear not, it is not that complicated. Follow these things.

  • The number one tip: write what you love to write. Does not have to be in the genre/nice of your book for authors.
  • Keep the posts/articles sweet, simple and in the range of 500-700 words.
  • Add some humor if possible, makes you get connected to the readers easily.
  • For technical writers, this one is obvious- write what you know, so fellow friends can benefit and learn.

How often do I write:

  • To begin with, do not bombard yourself with too much at once. Start slow, one post a month is also good.
  • Keep the schedule, once a week or once a month does not matter, as long as you are consistent.
  • Some writers start the blog after having some number of articles ready, so there is consistency.

Can I write personal posts?

Yes, there are many bloggers that became popular and connected to their readers by just writing personal posts. But, whether you want to write personal posts or not is your call and if you do, make the best judgment on how personal you want to make it and how often.

What if my content is disinteresting?

This is a common worry for all writers from all fields. Again, if written from the heart and write what you love, do your research properly, check for basics of English grammar and language, you are always good. There are many bloggers that write on various topics, food, gardening, pets, writing tips, parenting and also on technical areas like programming, networking etc. As long as you are keeping the creative mind flowing, the content will always be good.

Do I get income from maintaining a blog?

Initially not, but when you are able to maintain the pace, quality, love for writing, there is a great potential to make some money on affiliate links, advertisements etc. There are many popular bloggers that make a ton of income, but again, just write for the love of it and slowly you will be rewarded.

How to get a professional looking blog.

Now, there are easy ways to get a blog up and running with a decent, professional look and feel as there are many templates available for minimum investment. With tools like WordPress, MailChimp, even the ones that are not technically skilled can maintain their blog. There is a ton of information on how to set up a blog with all technical details which you can self-learn that includes all information related to hosting and maintaining your blog. You don’t have to pay a lot of money to hire and create your blog, there are sites like WordPress and with using a hosting server like GoDaddy, you can start a blog in 24 hours.


Some people are worried about getting their work copied. With just this fear, they do not start a blog. But, it is not that hard to stop the plagiarism as long as you create your copyright statements, disclaimers and get all legal aspects taken care of. Also, with writing; it seems to be really hard to copy someone’s content because it is writing and information or expression. It is unique. So, continue with your writing on your blog and enjoy: -)


Writing is what I do for the love of it. The passion for writing has always been there with me but discovering it happened later. One famous poet rightly said: "A word is mightier than a sword." And I am a firm believer of that saying. Through words, a writer can inspire, motivate, and take the reader to a different world. My first work of fiction #fortunefair is available on Amazon.

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