The Mysterious Mysteries – The Power of Prophecy (Book 2 of 3 : Short Stories for Ages 7-10) by Lalitha Thatikonda

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It’s the winter right before 2013, and Clover Steel’s winter starts off with bad news. One new scary incident leads to sleepless nights to Clover from already being in a worried state with exams and strange howling noises from her bedroom window.

From being captured, from having countless sleepless nights, and from their parent’s strange attitude, Clover and her friends must put an end to this crazy and confusing madness, or the whole world will rest in bad hands.

Three friends(Clover, Macy, Alexia) venture out to save the world from the evil people that plot to destroy the world to acquire evil power. The most hidden secret code is engraved on the prophecy that saves the world. Whether the friends are able to decode and save the world or the evil rules the world? Read on to find out.

Mysterious, enthralling, captivating sequential story to the first witty book- The haunted house [Amazon Book Id : B01DJB7VW6 ]


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This is the second one in the series mysterious mysteries for kids. Aha, love it. Such an amazing flow of scenes that grip you tight until the three friends solve the mystery and save the world from the evil power!! Written rightly paced and dosed for kids ages 8-13. There is humor throughout the book that keeps the kids smiling and yet feeling the suspense at a deep level.

Writing is what I do for the love of it. The passion for writing has always been there with me but discovering it happened later. One famous poet rightly said: "A word is mightier than a sword." And I am a firm believer of that saying. Through words, a writer can inspire, motivate, and take the reader to a different world. My first work of fiction #fortunefair is available on Amazon.

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