FORTUNE FAIR – Coming SOON – by Sadhana Ramaani

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Fortune Fair

FORTUNE FAIR: A tale that blends culture, religion and perspective of two opposite cultures….in a poise, subtle, heart touching way!!


“Swathi, a beautiful young lady hails from a traditional, conservative family. Just like any other young lady, she had her dreams of life; her first love and childhood friendship.But her father has different aspirations on her since childhood. He disapproves her first love and long friendship. Under compelling situations, she sacrifices her love and moves ahead allowing a man of her father’s choice to hold her hand forever. While this pacifies her father’s convictions on religious faith and tradition, it puts her into the biggest challenges after she travels far away from her family, place, friends to live with her husband in the United States. Not one single moment passes by without her trial to win over her husband’s heart. Would that man help her carry her dreams forward and prove to be the man of choice as her family expected or wipe away the beautiful smile on her lips? Would she be able to regain the lost friendship or the first love?

Told with sincere honesty, spanned across two countries, India and America; “”Fortune Fare”” is a tender tale that can truly be connected to a Woman’s heart that is full of patience, perseverance, sacrifice, compassion and dreams.”


Writing is what I do for the love of it. The passion for writing has always been there with me but discovering it happened later. One famous poet rightly said: "A word is mightier than a sword." And I am a firm believer of that saying. Through words, a writer can inspire, motivate, and take the reader to a different world. My first work of fiction #fortunefair is available on Amazon.

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