Is God the disposer of needs?

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Do you go to the temple and pray every morning? Ring a bell, offer flowers, join hands, close eyes and shower your wishes in front of the God and then sit peacefully thinking, hoping and trusting he will take care of the slew of wishes you have requested to be fulfilled? Further, we think and believe that no action was necessary to make those wishes come true. And some might have thought that if they did not do this exercise every morning or their typical customary mornings/days; they think God might punish them. So, they would instead go to the temple in fear than helping a sick child at home, the priorities change, it will veil their common sense. It’s disturbing to see people put more money in the temple hundi(donation pot) than offering a poor child a meal. Because what will the poor child be able to do in return? If you offer money in the temple, God will return with triple or quadruple the money and your investment is thus justified by all means.

Let’s hypothetically agree that God is, in fact, the disposer of your needs, but you have to pray and ask for it. Why do we have to go to the temple then? God is everywhere, he is formless, he is at your home in the form of many idols in your puja room; why go to the temple? Hm, maybe because God is bigger there, maybe you will get more results? No, because the temples were built such that a human mind and body can retreat from their routine activities and bring some quiet and peaceful time.

The culture of praying and believing in the supreme power is the best habit that had been living with the human mind for ages. What has gone awry is that God is just seen as an icon/symbol for practicing rituals. Without pure intention, without selflessness, there is absolutely no Godliness. God is just the creator of this universe and is still patiently managing his tasks of keeping it as clean as he can, despite the chaos, nastiness this human brain is doing to it; be it trees, soil, air, water. God cannot dispose of your needs, you have to ask your little brain and your heart to question if your little brain inside you can work towards achieving the wishes or fulfill the needs and any such action or direction towards achieving that action was ever taken.

Yes, the rituals are good and a nice way of taking the time to appreciate all we have, and again take a moment to cross check and validate your thoughts. Without one such good thought, there is no action(good) and eventually no such habit and of course not one good result. This is what Karma meant in reality. Your Karma writes your destiny. Karma is an action: good or bad. If there is a good action, you create good Karma and hence your destiny is beautiful, if not you create bad Karma that leads to difficulties. Our age old generations have started these rituals as a divine practice of instilling good thoughts and behavior and every single ritual had a purpose to it. No denying about it. But these days, what is missing is the crux of those practices: doing with pure, selfless mind and soul. Which then eventually lets you see the Godliness within you, within nature, within a lot of other beings. Without selfish intentions, with just pure thoughts, practicing the prayers will reap benefit that calms your inner soul and mind which is otherwise almost always agitated. So, praying to the supreme power is to just revive and recharge your soul and be good, do good. Merely practicing rituals is fruitless and that was never God’s wish.

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